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Please enjoy. You look down then turn your head to your left and said, "He came here for me to kill him, and I said I would," you said flatly trying not to look in his eyes often, but stern none-the-less. Leo gritted his teeth as you took deep breaths not looking at him, "W-what? That makes no sense, you don't-" he started very upset with you. You snare at him, "Don't lecture me brother I know what I don't do, and as long as he thinks me a killer, I might as well become one," you said a bit angered, looking back at Grell and smiled softly making eye contact. You smile and pat his back, "Don't you trust me brother?

He gasped a little, "Of course, I just think it is a stupid idea, and I wonder what you were thinking when you expected the offer," Leo said flatly with a soft smile. You chuckle, "My, I love it when you speak your mind," you say allowing everyone to be seated, then you finally seated. Where's Mardock" you say looking at your family and William. Leo to your left down that side of the table, Theodore next to him and Eman and his wife at the end. You look to your right and Grell is at the head of the table with you, William on the right side of the table next to him, then Jacko and his wife Theodore chuckled, "He is most likely still flirting with the chef," he said eating, you look at him and he smirked.

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Leo was looking down, only half paying attention, you notice, "Brother You look at him along with the rest of the family, "I am worried about your mental strength after this arrangement of yours is through," he said looking at you tilting his head slightly, genuinely worried about you. You look down then back up at him with a soft smile, "I'll get through that easily, you know me, I make it my priority to not live with regrets. Nothing I am doing today, I will regret, trust me," you tell him softly as you spaced out a bit.

No, I will not have this now, go sit at the kiddy table," you say in shock a bit distrait at Leo, your closest brother would say something like that to you. You look back at him a bit upset, he smirked and shrugged, "Very well, ole mighty emperor," he said mockingly taking his plate proudly to the kiddy table, shocking everyone, but Theodore, whom was laughing.

You little arse, come back here," you said upset that he is acting difficult. He smirked feeling a bit clever and walked back, "Gawd you're such a child," you say chuckling as he sits back beside you. You smile, "S-so, you have no real regrets?

Grell giggled blushing looking away, "Care to share? And I've lived with him for some 23 years," Theodore said smiling brushing his hair back. You smirk at him, "Well, we still have more to make, and you can always tell them when you get ready, I'm always happy to see when people are happy. When they say, 'you remember when You chuckle and shake your head no, "No, no, brother I've made peace with that affair, no, this was when I was much younger. Before I had a son, and in my first month of being a reaper," you said smiling rubbing your hair back looking up remembering.

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You look at Grell and smile, you kiss his hand again, "It was a story before I met my love, and you'll have to ask her, if I can remember such things I did on that eventful trip," you say smirking. They look to Grell and smile, faces reading, 'Pleaseeeee' "oh fine, I am a bit curious as well," Grell said smiling turning more towards you in his seat. You chuckle slightly and nod, "Very well then. As you know the 5th division has always dealt with the world reaping's, traveling to different countries to help reapers in that distract.

I having majored in French, Italian, German, Indian, and a bunch more, you all may know I love to speak with people and learn things from word to mouth. I had just returned back to this distract after a small break away to the country, when I came back the higher ups then sent me to France.

Now it sounds simple enough, but although I didn't listen to gossip, I heard that a lot of reapers were jealous of me for my 2 week assignment in France," you say smiling softly looking at curious eyes as they ate cake. You tried to smoke, but Grell took it from your mouth, "I don't think that is very healthy for you right now love," he said softly taking your whole cigarette box.

You pout a bit but he just smiles and shakes his head 'no', you smile a little and chuckle, "You can get it back once you've healed. Now finish the story please," Grell said giving in handing you his red wine.

For Better or Worse

You smile drinking some, "You spoil me," you say poking his cheek softly for some blush, he giggled and kissed your hand. Not only that but that distract leader was a real um I guess since there were only few people back then that actually went to France in our division, lies spread fast, with no one to refute them.

I asked her to lunch, bought her coffee and scones, now looking at it, I may have been asking her to dates everyday after my reaping's and paperwork's were finished. There was no hiding it, she was a dominant woman, when she was doing her job. But with me, she was just a mature woman who liked to have a good time being from the office. She told me her dreams and become comfortable with me, I was her friend, and she saw me as her lover.

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It was a mutual understanding, but I wish that it wasn't, and with that, I wished I could have been clear with her, I wished I could have spared both of our innocents. All I could do when I had return from that two week reaping was to disclaim all those rumors and save her name, I lied that we didn't have relations, which is true. He smiled and pushed your face away with his hand, "Oh you romantic Your family laughed at you, "She caught you, heehee," Jacko said laughing hard, "Good she can keep her own against you, I'm pretty sure he has made advances in his room though," he said smirking looking at Grell blush.


I guess I regret not trying, but then again only the higher ups could send letters across countries, and they had to read them before sending them Glad I fixed that," you say wiggling your fingers then rubbing up Grell's arm softly. You scoot Grell's chair closer to you as he ignored you, you placed your right arm around his shoulder and he giggled giving in and leaned on you.

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You smile and nod kissing his head, "Yes, believe it or not, I only wish to help others be happy," you say softly rubbed his arm up and down softly. You can come in, you never have to knock, you live here," you say softly and confused. He walked in with his head down and hands in his pockets, "You have a visitor, he claims to have disgraced the fifth division and wishes to leave," Mardock said looking at you stern. You stand up a bit shocked and quickly madden, you nod your head and kiss Grell's head, "Come boys," Mardock said as you began to walk to him, you're brother's stood and kissed their wives and Theodore and Leones walked behind you.

You look back over your shoulder, "William," you say looking down seeing him out the corner of your eyes, "you might as well come along, two birds one stone," you say walking away, William gasped and looked down a moment, before chasing after you.

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Rachel, Emanual's wife, spoke up softly, "They are to beat him, strip him of his division tie clip, and sign him away to another division. Everyone of them are to take a Kendo stick to his bare back, it also depends on how bad the crime was, that determines how many hits he receives each. Grell was a bit worried about you condition, "T-thank you, I'll go check on them," Grell said walking to the door.

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Rachel looked down and away, "Sweetheart, woman aren't allowed to watch," she says softly then looked over to him. The young reaper did so and crawled to the door placing his shoes there, "Now," you start off saying and grabbing your Kendo stick handing one to each brother and son, William stood by Mardock in the corner. You pointed for the Young Reaper to stand in front of you, he did, you removed his suit jacket and shirt, only leaving his tie and clip tie on. You looked madly confused at him, you look at your brothers and they gasped, "Son, oh boy, you got it all wrong," you say lifting his head softly, "We are just happy you have made it out alive, when it comes to demons stealing a soul, you did nothing wrong.

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We care for your safety over any mere humans soul, I'll inform the higher ups when I return to work, and take the blame, you in no way did wrong when it comes to fighting a demon. We'll assign you two big brothers to comb the area for the demon with you, now then we expect of you and your future brothers is to kill the demon. They've crossed into our jurisdiction, they wanted to die, and we must rid the world of their filthy existence," you say looking stern yet softly into his eyes, you smirk pushing his glasses up.

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