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With the promise of reducing travel time, it seduces all roads, from proud palm-boasting boulevards, to innocent little streets. Even the most resolute highways cannot resist the temptation.


The Circle of Death invites everyone in, and therein lies the problem. As you enter The Circle and start turning, your 4-lanes meet others. Vehicles frantically attempt to escape the Circle, swerve right, weaving through those who must go in deeper.

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As you brave on, the crescendo of car horns indicates that you are near the climax. During The Turn, you dare to peek outside the window, looking up to the sun for hope. You think, perhaps, to look ahead for the light at the end of the tunnel. Oh but do not be so naive darling, you will only see another bus, just millimeters away from yours.

You know that a single bump, even a gentle tap, on any 2 vehicles in The Circle will unleash a whirlwind of fury. So you despair.

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Mission Statement Enriching the lives of others gives us the foundation to succeed for generations to come. Ironically, it is not the intention of the Southern administration but of the Northern one. Trinh Cong Son, appeared around the same time as Dylan, was very similar to the American counterpart.

He majored in culture and Vietnamese but then dropped out of the University. His songs are simple and powerful but only require a guitar. He is great as a poet and most of his songs can be read as a prose. The Great Circle of Vietnam charms the audience by the sound of a folk song.

We sped up the song a bit but decided not to change it into electronic. It became a song for the youth union.