This Glass Is Not Half Full

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Tame Impala - Half Full Glass Of Wine [LIVE @ Reading Festival 2013]

Still, some of us need it all and some of us need nothing at all but to go on and to keep on. People are different even when they are the same.

How therapy helps us change perspective.

And when we survive these moments and times of pain, the best of us will still swear up and down that the glass, this invisible glass we are always talking about, is half full. But what if I were to present the idea that the glass is not half full or half empty, but rather the glass is always full? It was said to me by an acquaintance once. He was being clever by half and pointed out that the glass, when partially filled with any liquid substance, is still also filled with air, and is therefore always full. I appreciated the scientific joke then but perhaps I appreciate the metaphor more, especially now, these days; today.

Now that idea, I think, can really change how we think of things and how look at things.

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That idea, I think, can change everything. So remember that the next time you find yourself looking at the glass; remember that the glass is always full. What if your response is simply a matter of perspective? An article recently published in the Thought Catalog suggests that the glass is always full. Read more here.

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The person who see a glass of beer as half-empty is someone who perceives trades […]. Likewise, you will […]. Sign up for the Thought Catalog Weekly and get the best stories from the week to your inbox every Friday. You may unsubscribe at any time. By subscribing, you agree to the terms of our Privacy Statement. Featured image — link text.

Hope Positive Positive Thinking. Today I feel empty, and I know exactly why. I have run the course of depression and I have cried all the tears I needed to shed for now. I am almost ashamed to admit that I feel this sense of emptiness because what if it means there is something wrong with me?

I accept that this is where my mind and body are at right now. I do know that this numbness will pass. I am aware that just like the intense feelings of sadness went away, so will these feelings of vacantness. My eyes feel like melted wax and my body feels strangely light, like I am floating above everything.

Glass Half-Full And Half EmptyThe Triz Journal

I am trying to be kind to myself and not judge this empty feeling. Yeah it sucks, but what can I do? I have to ride it out. The weird thing for me is that I have intermittent feelings of panic combined with emptiness. I am feeling empty and then I begin to panic when I feel numb. The numbness causes me to feel anxiety. I start thinking things like:.

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Be warm and caring to yourself and put yourself first. Treat yourself like a small child that needs your attention. You will heal, you will live a full life with an array of emotions. This is temporary just like it is for me. A version of this post was previously published on huffpost. Have you read the original anthology that was the catalyst for The Good Men Project?