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Newest and Biggest Mother's Room at Nebraska Medicine is Now Open

Tristan is introduced to tantrums, Kayce reenters the workforce, and guest Janell talks about her journey with premie twins with special needs. Natalie Ham about natural medicine, healing and infertility.

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Tristan's week was worse than yours, Kayce caves in, and Baddest mom and children's author Jameeleh Shelo joins the moms to talk about her book Laith the Lion goes to Palestine. Tristan might start properly caring for Nellie, Kayce thinks Beau's teething again but probably not really , and the moms pick up where they left off with foster mom, Amy. Nellie has secrets, Kayce's home was broken into Christmas made the moms forget how to podcast, Tristan is a good girl, and Kayce's boobs are unruly. And it's the year of the pig. Nellie is the next Julie Andrews or maybe Gallagher , Beau literally bounces back, and the moms realize they may be to immature for children's books.

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Tristan gets angry about China AND Shakespeare, Kayce's on the road again, and special guest Kate tells the moms what it's like to be a mother to kids that already have one. Universehead Podcast Network June 19, Universehead Podcast Network June 5, Universehead Podcast Network May 22, Universehead Podcast Network May 7, Universehead Podcast Network April 18, Universehead Podcast Network April 12, Universehead Podcast Network April 2, She returned to work after giving birth 13 years ago, pre-Affordable Care Act, and there was no room for her to pump at all.

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Instead, she used a phone room where she taped paper onto the glass. Things have changed a lot since then.

The law has helped, combined with companies beginning to realize how something as simple as a nice, private space for a woman to pump after giving birth can help retain female workers. And because breastfed babies get sick less , lactation rooms can mean lower healthcare costs and fewer missed days of work for parents.

Union Station opens 'Mother's Room' for nursing mothers

Even though it looks a lot bigger than just two rooms, the designers propose making the pumping rooms a bit smaller so that in total the idea only requires about 25 to 50 square feet of extra space. Not only does it help with the logistics of waiting when other people are using the rooms, but it also provides something of a community space. The key is available for check-out at the Service Desk. The room is available during normal library hours. The Energy Research Park has 2 rooms for use: Building 3 across from room This lactation space is adjacent to the restroom.

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The second room is in Building 4 , room Hours vary, so please call Farish Hall The College of Education has a room that can be used for lactation. Please visit Suite in Farish Hall to obtain the key. Hours are 8am until pm.