The Return of The Little Prince

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He is worried, however, that the sheep will also eat flowers, as there is a special flower—a Rose—that the Little Prince wants very much to protect. The Pilot describes the Little Prince nurturing his Rose and waiting for her to come into bloom. When he learns that her greatest fear is of catching a chill, he hastens to find a dome.

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She rebukes him sharply: placing her under a glass is not the way to please her. She urges him to seek wisdom in the worlds around him, and then return to her. A flock of birds takes the Little Prince on his journey.

So, what's next?

The Little Prince is bewildered by the behavior of all these grownups, except the Lamplighter, whom he respects—by tending his lamp, he is doing something useful. The Little Prince thinks anxiously about his beloved flower, whom he has left alone and defenseless. Determined to continue his travels, however, he flies on to the Planet Earth. The Little Prince continues exploring Earth and finds a rose garden.

He is distressed to see so many beautiful flowers, because he thought his Rose was the only one of her kind. Fox hunters appear with their guns.

The Little Prince

Once they have gone, their quarry comes out of hiding. There was something else growing with me - a sense of obligation. Whenever I read the Little Prince, I felt the sadness of Saint-Ex cry in my heart, and worried about the survival of that beautiful world. Has the sheep - yes or no - eaten the rose?

The Little Prince – a book to return to

Did the Little Prince - yes or no - return safely to his planet? And I looked at the stars and hoped that one day his friend would return. I closed my eyes, opened my heart, and started to search. So, now that I have found him, I want so badly to tell all the children of this planet, that The Little Prince is back, that even if writing is a great effort for me, I can say things better with drawings , I must do it. So, please be kind and forgive my mistakes. If you happen to be a grown-up — Please! I beg of you! Do not compare this story to Saint-Ex's - allow yourself to read with the heart.

Search for the essential message. Let the literary critics worry about style and all that.

It's their job. Saint-Ex helped to unveil that beautiful world for me. In the last page of his book, he begged everybody to please contact him immediately in case anyone found his friend. I want to tell you that the Little Prince is here again! I know that I don't have to scream, sing or write to tell you of his return, but I feel like shouting it to the whole world! He's back!

He's Back! There is no reason for your sadness anymore! What is she talking about? We already know The Little Prince, why doesn't she write another story? I know that some of my friends will think that I talk nonsense; others will shake their heads and think that I have gone a little crazy, but you and some others know that - I have the most beautiful gift in the world.

The follow-up to 'The Little Prince' is a preachy self-help manual (and an insult to the original)

Like you, Saint-Ex. I have stars that know how to laugh!

Before The Return of the Young Prince, I had to visit the child in him because if I remember correctly, he taught us that all grown-ups were children once. Yet, none had the answer. The Prince delighted his audience and captured their imagination with his perceptive questions and delicate truths. The Prince was a creation, not just for boys and girls, but for everyone lost and confused. On my way, I made a new friend whose name was AG Roemmers.

Neither did he talk like the Prince who lived alone on an asteroid with his only rose.

The Return of the Young Prince Press Reviews

He was older, his blonde hair a little different, the lines on his adolescent face finely etched where the silky cheeks had faded away. It was suddenly clear why there were two different princes. The Little Prince roamed the expansive African desert because his creator Exupery was once a pilot who fought in the terrible war last century. The Prince who returned to Earth had outgrown the children.