The Insatiable Curse (An Erotic Fairy Tale)

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WARNING: This work contains strong language and explicit sexual content such as graphic descriptions of bodily fluid and light spanking.

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Gilt and Midnight - An Erotic Fairy Tale (Electronic book text)

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For one brief moment, a curse is lifted as the princess chooses a story and releases an enchantress from her lonely prison inside the pages of a dusty tome. But the sorceress, Leonore is not interested in escape or evil deeds.

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She wants the princess. This spicy tale of two lovers destined to meet only once sizzles with eternal longing, fiery passion and all-consuming lust. Taken prisoner. Frightened and alone. Fate unknown.

Erotic Lesbian Fairy Tales Vol. 15

Princess Christabel sits eating bread and gruel in a cold, forbidding tower when she hears a voice that reminds her how she survived hardships as a child when her name was Goldilocks. Using her imagination, what was merely a fanciful notion, becomes reality, and the princess is transported to the place of her dreams. But Christa is not alone.

She is confronted by a stranger, Tatjana who has pleasure on her mind, desire in her heart and lust in her eyes. They spend the day in a euphoric daze rolling around a grassy meadow. A marriage ceremony followed by a royal feast leads to a night of euphoria.

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Or does it? Fortunately, her new husband has no desire for a traditional union. Into the martial bedchamber flutters the fairy, Erissa who is besotted with the princess. Thumbelina is determined not to fall into her old habits, but her resistance is short-lived as Erissa teases and tantalizes her companion until, overcome with an insatiable longing and a voracious hunger, the princess succumbs.

Her first day as a married woman may not be wedded bliss, but it is definitely blissful.