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Jang Nok-yeong, now the Head Shaman, realizes that Yeon-woo is the child whom Ari begged her to protect years ago. Min-hwa, the younger sister of Crown Prince Lee Hwon, is a young girl who cries, whines, and screams when she does not get her way. Upon seeing her brother's handsome "Teacher Heo", Min-hwa becomes obsessed with him. When she discovers that Yeon-woo is Teacher Heo's sister, she expresses her preference for Yeon-woo's company.

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Bo-kyung, who is all but ignored by the princess, feels slighted by the princess' favoritism. Min-hwa soon asks her father to allow her to marry Yeom. The king refuses, for reasons that are rooted in tradition, political strategy, and socio-cultural correctness. He explains to Min-hwa that the husband of a princess Prince Consort is not allowed to be involved in political matters and cannot have any governmental position. He adds that Yeom is an intelligent and morally upright person and that marrying the princess would ruin his political aspirations.

Some time later, Yeon-woo is demonstrated to be the superior choice over Bo-kyung and another young woman to wed Lee Hwon and become the Crown Princess of Joseon. This decision upsets Prince Yang Myung, the Crown Prince's freewheeling but misunderstood half-brother, who has also met and fallen in love with Yeon-woo, as well as Bo-kyung and her corrupt father, Prime Minister Yoon.

Yeon-woo undertakes her training to become the Crown Princess; she seems to be a bit physically clumsy at first, but is also lovingly courted by Crown Prince Lee Hwon during the training period. Before Lee Hwon and Yeon-woo can marry, the Queen Dowager secretly orders Nok-yeong to cast a curse on Yeon-woo to afflict her with a sickness that will lead to her death.

Nok-yeong breaks her promise to protect Yeon-woo. The Queen Dowager uses Princess Min-hwa as a conduit to intensify the effect of the shaman's spell, as it is known that a young virgin with strong desires and motivations lend a great deal of power to sorcery. The Queen Dowager promises Min-hwa that if she participates in the spell, Min-hwa can have what she wants: to marry Yeom. Min-hwa's selfish immaturity and obsession with Yeom lead her to participate willingly, though it is also clear that she is manipulated by the Queen Dowager.

The black magic is successful and Yeon-woo is diagnosed with an unidentifiable illness by the royal physicians.

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She is thus expelled from the palace, losing her title as Crown Princess. As she inches closer to death, Nok-yeong secretly visits Yeon-woo's father and gives him a special potion, promising that it will bring a peaceful death for his daughter. He gives her the potion and she dies, as her death is the only way to release her from the spell. After her burial, Nok-yeong and a paid help hurriedly dig up the grave and retrieve Yeon-woo, knowing that she will soon awaken from the potion.

Yeon-woo is deeply traumatized by dying and then waking up buried alive, losing all memories of her previous life. With assistance and support from a Taoist priest, Shaman Jang, Yeon-woo, and Seol the Heo family's loyal former maidservant go into hiding in a distant location. Crown Prince Lee Hwon is soon married to Bo-kyung.

Lee Hwon flatly refuses to consummate the marriage with Bo-kyung; he repeatedly feigns illness in order to avoid physical intimacy and further tries to avoid any interactions at all with her. The only people Lee Hwon allows near him are the eunuch who serves him and the sword master Woon. Woon's ever-presence with the prince leads some in the palace to quietly question Lee Hwon's sexuality, not understanding that Lee Hwon's heart still belongs to a woman presumed dead. Bo-kyung becomes progressively more humiliated and bitter about the Crown Prince's obvious distaste for her.

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With the former king's death, the need for Lee Hwon to produce an heir to the throne becomes more and more urgent. For this reason, the people around Lee Hwon are willing to try anything to help him recover from his "illness. Eight years later, it is learned that the flow of the universe has shifted and the three "exiles" in hiding are sent back to the capital city. Yeon-woo has now become a shaman after being adopted as a "spiritual daughter" by Shaman Jang. Shaman Jang has sworn Seol to secrecy about Yeon-woo's true identity.

Yeon-woo, now known as Shaman Wol which means "moon" returns to the palace as a living talisman - a "bad-luck-absorbing" shaman — suggested by Shaman Jang as a way to cure the king's "illness.

Meanwhile, Yeon-woo must try to understand the strange memories that are coming back to her while simultaneously contending with Queen Bo-kyung, the Queen's Father who is still the Prime Minister , and the Queen Dowager in order to claim her rightful place as the Queen of Joseon. Political intrigue continues to build and comes shockingly to a head as King Lee Hwon fights for his throne, fights for the woman he loves, and fights for his very life.

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This production marked Han Ga-in 's first historical drama and return to television since Bad Guy in Filming began in November with child actors for the first six episodes, followed by the script reading session with their adult counterparts on December 25 at MBC Dream Center in Ilsan. In February , there were talks of an extension of four episodes to the episode drama.

The production company, Ten Entertainment later confirmed that there would be no extension and the series was to end on its original date of March 8, The shooting period spanned over the cold months in Korea, which added to the actors' difficulties as there were quite a number of outdoor scenes. The entire series was dubbed in Filipino. At that time it set the record as the most profitable drama for MBC, which was later surpassed by Arang and the Magistrate in August A stage musical adaptation was performed at the Seoul Arts Center from July 6 to 31, , with succeeding runs in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Moon Embracing the Sun Promotional poster. Historical Romance Fantasy. This section's plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Please help improve it by removing unnecessary details and making it more concise.

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December Learn how and when to remove this template message. Ratings in the Philippines. Retrieved December 14, Korea JoongAng Daily. Archived from the original on January 11, Retrieved October 24, Retrieved October 19, Sports Hankook Ilbo in Korean. January 30, Retrieved January 12, CNN Go. Retrieved May 6, Korea Tourism Organization.

Retrieved November 2, Archived from the original on January 27, Retrieved October 31, From time immemorial, human beings pursued the great outdoors for solitude, observing, listening, and learning the ways of nature to enhance their own survival and empowerment. They sought solo time in nature purposefully because they found this time spent alone to be an invaluable experience.

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Taoist, Buddhist and Hindu hermits…. October 11, By Lena Stevens.

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This full moon is an active one with the potential to support a final letting go of some sticky attachment that has been plaguing you. This takes courage and aggression in the right direction. Use the…. October 1, By Lena Stevens. Do you love every aspect of your life?

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Do you love what is happening in the world, on our planet, with your friends and loved ones? Do you wake up every day and feel that everything is perfect and right and you would not have it any other way? If you answered yes, you are a rarity, as most of us have aspects of our lives that could be much improved and there are parts of our personal story and what we see happening in the world that we would give anything to change.

September 26, By Lena Stevens. This is a super moon intensifying the influence of the themes which are focused on right path, right relationship, right intentions, justice and commitments to your truth and ideals. Because of the intensity, you could be….

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