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Look Inside. Oct 01, ISBN Offers a glimpse of the future of vanishing shorelines in America in the age of climate change, where the wealthy will be able to remain the longest while the poor will be forced to leave.

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Journalist Andrew Lewis chronicles the struggle of his New Jersey hometown to rebuild their ravaged homes in the face of the same environmental stresses and governmental neglect that are endangering coastal areas throughout the United States. Lewis grew up on the Bayshore, a mile stretch of Delaware Bay beaches, marshland, and fishing hamlets at the southern end of New Jersey, whose working-class community is fighting to retain their place in a country that has left them behind.

The Bayshore, like so many rural places in the US, is under immense pressure from a combination of severe economic decline, industry loss, and regulation. But it is also contending with one of the fastest rates of sea level rise on the planet and the aftereffects of one of the most destructive hurricanes in American history, Superstorm Sandy. If in the years prior to Sandy the Bayshore had already been slowly disappearing, its beaches eroding and lowland cedar woods hollowing out into saltwater-bleached ghost forests, after the hurricane, the community was decimated.

Today, homes and roads and memories are crumbling into the rising bay.

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Cumberland, the poor, rural county where the Bayshore is located, had been left out of the bulk of the initial federal disaster relief package post-Sandy. The Drowning of Money Island is an intimate yet unbiased, lyrical yet investigative portrait of a rural community ravaged by sea level rise and economic hardship, as well as the increasingly divisive politics those factors have helped spawn. It invites us to confront how climate change is already intensifying preexisting inequality.

While by no means a one-sided polemic on doomsday scenarios, this excellent read does serve as a clarion call for those who question climate change. Meticulously and empathetically reported, The Drowning of Money Island invites readers to confront the difficult decisions that come with storm recovery in our era of higher tides and supercharged hurricanes.

Stay or go, rebuild or retreat?

The Drowning of Money Island

The way we answer these questions will define who we become. If this book were in the hands of our leadership today, they would understand the true cost of climate change and the moral obligation to move quickly to prevent harm to future generations. Lewis writes lucidly of the tension between retreat and resilience and portrays a seaside landscape—its marshes, waterways, and fishes, and the kind of people drawn to them—with bracing honesty. This is a remarkable book. For the people of Bayshore, Superstorm Sandy proved to be the tipping point to managed demolition of their community.

Lewis is a keen-eyed observer of mores, gesture, landscape, and sky, but The Drowning of Money Island sings most beautifully because he grew up on this shore.

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One of the many reasons to read this book is that before long, it might be. Lewis By Andrew S. Lewis Best Seller. Category: Science Category: Science. Hardcover —.

Add to Cart. About The Drowning of Money Island Offers a glimpse of the future of vanishing shorelines in America in the age of climate change, where the wealthy will be able to remain the longest while the poor will be forced to leave. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Greta Thunberg. Karl Ove Knausgaard. A-Z of Bird Portraits. Andrew Forkner. Philip Goff. BirdNote Journal.

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Mats Ottosson and Asa Ottosson. He exposes the profound chasm between urban and rural culture and explores the mystical connection between man and animals. T ogether, as a political journalist, and weirdly, a Standard Poodle in disguise, the duo jointly confront a harrowing global warming and politically induced crisis in Proud, a South Pacific country renowned for its beauty and clean, green image—and anti-nuclear stance. But now, the forests are wilting, the animals dying, the mountains and glaciers melting, and the lakes are mere puddles.

Hydro power, upon which Proud totally depends, is chillingly ebbing away under the awesome impact of once-in-a-millennium debilitating drought.

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To order go to: www. To test this theory, Alastair has kick-started his somewhat over-active imagination into galactic overdrive to write his first novel, called Proud. Write a review. The End. Alastair Carthew. Kid, raised by Ugandan gorillas, and Ram, a Merino sheep of vague parentage, can communicate telepathically. I will reply directly to your welcome questions, observations and comments. Buy Now.