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The Pulpit and Politics - For Colored Men Podcast Cartoon - Ya'ke Smith (Part 3)

They charged a deposit. They had to. It came from corporate.

Pulpit Friction

That's right, sweetie, it always comes from corporate. Hey, this one's going to Springfield. Don't everyone know that all New York furniture is full of bedbugs? Forget about it! It's forgot abouten! Ooh, wow. New cushion smell. I'm gonna put all my stuffed animals on it. All right, get comfy.

Gentlemen, the fort is complete and will stand forever. No way the Nazis will get in here. Oh, I thought we were the Nazis. The latest New York fashion has come to Springfield: bedbugs. Ew, just hearing about them makes me itch. Ooh, ooh. Funny how the brain does that, huh? It's making me see them.

The brain is so stupid. Those are bedbugs! How did we get bedbugs? Probably one of Bart's dirty friends. Boy, why are your friends so dirty? Don't know.

Why are your friends such drunks? I know this seems bad, but nothing brings out the best in Springfield like a crisis. Bring out your bed!

The Pulpit HipHop Sermons

Hold my hand. People, there is no need to worry. I have developed the perfect bedbug repellant. You see, behold the power of modified bear pheromones. Marge, Milhouse was clean as a whistle till he played with your boy. Now, we don't know it was the Simpsons. I think the most obvious culprit is the poorest family. We don't even have beds. We sleep in washtubs and coffins.

Why won't somebody blame the children? Well, the good news is it forced us all to church. You know, in the Middle Ages, people took refuge in church to escape the bubonic plague, but that made the plague spread even faster. Everyone, please, calm down. Reverend Lovejoy is here. He will give us succor. The Epistle of Jeremy is often cited as the most difficult book of the Apocrypha. But to me, none of the anagignoskomena are more contemplative than the book of Tobit.

Mind if I p-p-pray through? It's the parson. Are you gonna let a sunny summer day be ruined by a few b-b-bugs? God's soldier in cardigan. Looks like I picked a swell day to return your six iron, Reverend. Now, looky here, Tim. This is a five-alarm brouhaha. Now, for chili, that's just dandy, but I brought you a little backup. I think I'm more than capable of handling this. Need I remind you of the bingo riot last summer? God called all their numbers that day. Please meet your new associate minister, the Right Reverend Elijah Hooper.

He was the number two man from Shelbyville. Introduced angle parking. We got in six more cars. Folks, isn't he something? Big hand for Reverend Lovejoy. Everyone says great things about you, Tim, and I can see why. The posture, the haircut, the tiny feet. It's amazing they hold you up.

to the pulpit members: clean it up | Acura RSX, ILX and Honda EP3 Forum

But they do. They do.

So charming. It's like he's selling silver polish at the state fair. Look, here's why I'm here. Church should make you happy, like a warm mug of soup. Why does it taste better from a mug?

2. Clothing

I don't know, but it does. God help me, I'm paying attention. Okay, who here has read Leviticus? Okay, now, who here has seen Meet the Parents? Me, me. Me, me, me, me. Hilarious film; showed a whole new side of De Niro. At first, he couldn't stand his son-in-law, but then they patch things up in a comical fashion, remember?

The point is, at the end of the day, we love each other. And that's all this thing really says. So, don't waste your whole Sunday listening to us. Go home and watch one of the Die Hard movies on TV. They're always on, and they're always good.