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A person who decides to be continually reborn is known as Tulku. Buddhists believe that the first tulku in this reincarnation was Gedun Drub, who lived from —, and the second was Gendun Gyatso. However, the name Dalai Lama meaning Ocean of Wisdom was not conferred until the third reincarnation in the form of Sonam Gyatso in The current Dalai Lama is Tenzin Gyatso. Shinto is a form of animism that is the indigenous religion of Japan. It is a form of worship that is based upon nature. So any tree, rock, car, dog, cat, person, or anything else has a Kami.

Kami also means 'paper' in Japanese, so the usage of it is a common theme in marking shrines and divine objects. In Japan, it typically is practiced alongside Japanese Buddhism.

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Since Buddhism focuses primarily on the afterlife, Shintoism focuses on the present. There are 4 affirmations to Shintoism that include 1 Tradition and family, 2 Respect of nature, 3 Physical cleanliness, 4 and the celebration of festivals matsuri for the various kami. Kami are:. The kami are believed to move among their shrines and to reside in a small house-shaped box built for them at the shrine or jinja.

Each has limitations. But the Sun Goddess, Amaterasu, is dominant however. She gave birth to the first emperor. Her main shrine is called Jingu and is located in a forest at Ise in western Japan. No paintings, sculptures, masks, etc. Only Buddhist temples use physical representations in painting and sculpture of the Buddha and the Boddhisatvas. For example, sumo wrestling matches and the many local festivals, called matsuri, began as means of entertaining local kami.

Judaism is based on the laws and principles of the Tanakh Hebrew Bible. Within the Tanakh there are a total of twenty-four books.

Their Holy land is Israel, but their perceived right to the land is great source of controversy between the Jews and their Muslim neighbors. Because of their banishment from the land of Israel in ancient times, Jews now live all over the world. There are approximately 14 million practicing and secular Jews today. Throughout history, many Christians have blamed the Jews for the death of Jesus.


During the high Middle Ages, Jews were expelled, massacred, and forced to convert to Christianity. In the midth century, as the Black Death devastated Europe, rumors spread that the Jews had caused the disease by poisoning the wells. In Strasbourg , a city that hadn't yet been affected by the plague, Jews were burnt alive.

After much more persecution throughout the next few centuries, such as the Holocaust that lead to the death 6 million Jews and the displacement of most of Europe's Jews. After such a tragedy, the Jews saw to the formation of a recognized Jewish State known as Israel in There are three main sects in Judaism: Orthodox, Conservative and Reform.

Jewish men and women wear special clothing during times of prayer and other religious practices. While praying, eating, reciting blessings, or studying Jewish religious texts, a round brimless for the most part skull cap called a kippah or yarmulke is worn. The tzitzit are special knotted tassels that are worn on the four corners of a prayer shawl; different Jewish customs explain when these should be worn. Tefillin are two square leather boxes that contain bible verses and are worn during the weekday morning prayers.

A kittel is a white knee-length overgarment that is worn by prayer leaders on the high holidays and the head of the household wears this at the Passover seder. Orthodox Jews traditionally pray three times a day, and on holidays a fourth prayer is added.

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Prayers are typically recited throughout the day upon waking, and before and after eating a meal. Although most prayers can be recited in solidarity, communal prayer is often preferred. In many reform temples, musical accompaniment such as organs and choirs are used. Further, a fifth prayer service, Ne'ilah "closing" , is recited only on Yom Kippur. The Jewish religion can be categorized into six major branches in America. They are the Reform, the Conservative, the Modern Orthodox, the Re-constructionist and the Ultra Orthodox or Haredim, which breaks into two separate groups called the Hasidim and the Mitnaggedim.

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Reform is the largest branch in America and is the most liberal. Between , immigrating Jews decided that Jewish law is a personal idea and not a requirement. These changes were made in an attempt to keep Jewish people Jewish as there was no longer a pressure to remain Jewish once people assimilated to American culture.

The Reform, Conservative, Modern Orthodox and Re-constructionist function as denominations or different branches of the same religion. The Haredim are a community based group and culturally connected. These are those who life in strict adherence to the Halacha. One of five major world religions, Christianity is a monotheistic religion made up of roughly 2 billion people, [34] and is considered one of the Abrahamic religions , which originally began as a movement from Judaism.

Where Christianity and Judaism depart from one another is in the Christian belief that Jesus of Nazareth Christ or simply Jesus was divine and was literally the "Son of God. Jesus mainly taught about God's love and mercy, but also taught about forgiveness, charity, and treating yourself well. Christians also believe that Jesus rose from the dead, and when He did, He allowed the Holy Spirit to "enter" into anyone who chose to believe in Him so that they may have eternal life with God in Heaven after their physical bodies die on earth. There are many branches of Christianity that are not the same.

Christians believe in one God and one God only, it is just how they express their love and grace for him. This ranges differently from the vast amount of Christian groups. He came not to destroy those laws Ten Commandments , but to fulfill those laws as stated in Matthew Therefore, fulfilling the law is Jesus Christ living out the laws perfectly, so that his followers will also be able to do the same.

Christians use the bible as a tool to communicate to God.

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The bible is where Christians get all of their wisdom on how to live their life for God. Another name for the bible is the "Word of God". Another way Christians practice their faith is by going to church. The church is somewhere Christians can go to worship and dive deeper into God's word.

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The church can also be a safe place for people to go if they are feeling any sort of pain. The main way Christians practice their faith and live for God is to show everyone God's love. One way of connecting to God is though the ritual of holy communion where participants consume symbolic representations of the body and blood of Christ.

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  • This is an example of unity of consciousness in which the consumption of the body bread and blood wine brings the participant and God closer together by letting God become one with them. Catholicism, made up of about 1. Catholics believe that people are good but corrupted by a sin nature and the only way to redeem people from that sin is divine grace from the sacraments. However, unlike non-Catholic Christianity, some Catholic sects do not believe that salvation is obtained solely through accepting Jesus Christ as ones Savior, but believe that good works are required to obtain salvation and are a visible manifestation of faith in Christ.

    Catholic Churches are unified under the Pope in Rome. Under him are Cardinals, Arch bishops, Bishops, and Priests. Priests preside over individual churches also known as parishes. Although there is very important aspect of Christianity that believes in Free Will. The term free will implies that although God rules all things, he wants humans to make their own choices, we can choose to sin or to turn away from sin.

    Unlike Non denominational Christians, Catholics are involved in using the Sacraments. The Vatican is located in the Vatican City, a sovereign country of which the Pope is the sovereign leader. The history of the Catholic Church starts from apostolic times making it the worlds oldest and largest institution covering nearly 2, years.

    The Pope is recognized by Catholics of the world as the successor to Saint Peter who was an early leader of the Christian church and had a large part in writing the New Testament. Peter was the first official Bishop of Rome, making all of his successors superior to any other worldly Bishop. He was elected April 19, , and took office April 24th Protestantism began in Europe during the 16th century with the Protestant Reformation , which began as an attempt to reform the Catholic Church.

    The name Protestant comes from those who "protested" against the Catholic Church and therefore were named Protestant by the church. This religion then moved to the Americas during colonization by the English. The religion originated out of the belief that the covenant was broken by Adam and Eve and was then recovered by Jesus. So they believe that they owe God their obedience do to the recovery of the covenant.

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    When things in their lives are going well it shows Protestants that they are fulfilling the covenant with God. It is the opposite when things in their life begin to go wrong, they must not be fulfilling the covenant. Another basic belief is that the individual must subject themselves for the good of the whole, because even though there is a set hierarchy each individual needs each other for the strength as one.

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    This being said everyone in their society has set responsibilities and everyone is then dependent upon one another. Further more Protestants see themselves as God's chosen people and at the time of colonization it was their duty to God to pass on his word to Native Americans and those who did not know God.