Coming Out, Coming Home: Making Room for Gay Spirituality in Therapy

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The subtle workings of the spirit in gay men's lives.

The Sinfulness of Homosexuality. Proposal for a study of gay nondualism. Priestly Sexuality. Having a Church to Leave. Harold Cole on Beauty. Not lashed to the prayer-post. Monastic or Chaste Homosexuality. Is It Time to Grow Up? Confronting the Aging Process. Redeem Orlando. Gay Consciousness changing the world by Shokti LoveStar. Alexander Renault interviews Toby Johnson. Avalokiteshvara at the Baths. Eckhart's Eye. Let Me Tell You a Secret. Religious Articulations of the Secret. The Collective Unconscious.

Gay Spirituality

Driving as Spiritual Practice. Historicity as Myth. No Stealing. Next Step in Evolution. The New Myth. Gaia is a Bodhisattva. You're On Your Own. Teenage Prostitution and the Nature of Evil. Allah Hu: "God is present here". Adam and Steve. The Life is in the Blood.

Gay retirement and the "freelance monastery". Seeing with Different Eyes. What are you looking for in a gay science fiction novel? The Great Dance according to C. Part 1: Brer Rabbit and the Tar-Baby. Part 2: The Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara. Part 3: Jesus and the Resurrection. Part 4: A Course in Miracles. The Secret of the Clear Light. Understanding the Clear Light. Mobius Strip. Finding Your Tiger Face. How Gay Souls Get Reincarnated. About Alien Abduction. In honor of Sir Arthur C Clarke.

Karellen was a homosexual.

The D. Intersections with the movie When We Rise. More about Gay Mental Health. Psych Tech Training. Toby at the California Institute. The Rainbow Flag. Ideas for gay mythic stories. Kip and Toby, Activists. Toby's friend and nicknamesake Toby Marotta. Harry Hay, Founder of the gay movement.

About Hay and The New Myth. About Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, the first man to really "come out". About Michael Talbot, gay mystic. About Fr.

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In ‘Room to Grow’ Doc, a Latinx Teen Struggles After Coming Out to Religious Parents

The Alamo Business Council. Our friend Tom Nash. Second March on Washington. Toby Johnson, PhD is author of nine books: three non-fiction books that apply the wisdom of his teacher and "wise old man," Joseph Campbell to modern-day social and religious problems, four gay genre novels that dramatize spiritual issues at the heart of gay identity, and two books on gay men's spiritualities and the mystical experience of homosexuality and editor of a collection of "myths" of gay men's consciousness. They remain in print. Gay Perspective is available as an audiobook narrated by Matthew Whitfield. Click here.

Getting Life in Perspective is available as an audiobook narrated by Alex Beckham. A Bifurcation in Gay Spirituality.

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What is reincarnation? How many lifetimes in an ego? Burr Extinguishing the Light by B. Hartman Wrestling with Jesus by D. This was the second edition of this book. Toby Johnson's titles are available in other ebook formats from Smashwords. The exoteric aspect of a religion comprises the beliefs, doctrines, rituals and cultural practices of the people as well as the hierarchy and institutions that have grown up around the religious tradition. Gay religion and gay spirituality, too, have exoteric and esoteric aspects.

The way to address the elitism is to understand it as moral obligation and vocation and not as social superiority. This can make us outlaws or service providers; it can make us spiritual seers. Burr , is about exoteric religion and its response to homosexuality as a fact of human life. It is a wonderful book.

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  • Making Room for Gay Spirituality in Therapy, 1st Edition!
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  • Burr is not only a therapist, he is a Baptist minister, albeit a very progressive Baptist minister, and his presentation of gay issues is written within a church context. In fact, it is a statement of exactly how most of us gay men and lesbians who pay attention to religion would want the religions to understand homosexuality. Burr is a straight man, and he is a right-thinking straight man who has correctly understood both what homosexuality is and how the teachings of Jesus should apply in that psychologically-sophisticated reality. The book is a presentation of what he found, replete with case histories and personal reports.

    What he found will ring true to all of who have thought about these issues from the gay side. This is a book that every Catholic priest and Pope! I just mentioned Catholic priests, Christian ministers and practitioners of any other religious traditions. He really breaks the stereotype of the narrow-minded Baptist, and he does it with sensitivity and respect for all traditions.

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    This is how the straight world ought to think about the gay world.