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After getting your hands on the perfect pair of sneakers, awaken the inner child in you and have a go at the arcade games. Photography: Apoozi Studio via Instagram.

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Oh yes, this is a big one. Be prepared for seriously adorable ceramic plates by about. Step into retail Nirvana as the event unites new and returning local and international names for a fun-filled weekend.

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More details to come so stay tuned! Homegrown multi-label boutique , Naiise will be the only duplex unit in the mall, bringing you the best of local designers and brands — that means more shopping for us! Stayed tuned for workshops and cool talks by these guys.

Nicole is an amateur iPhone photographer, Netflix binge-watcher and wannabe travel blogger who constantly dreams about sipping margaritas by a beach in Bali. Read more from Nicole Nithiyah. All rights reserved. They are unique to Tenjin-dori so be sure to pick some up if you're a fan! The nostalgic Showa-style restaurants will take you back to the past. Expect to see some locals laughing and joking enjoying food and drink. Editorial Team. Fall Foliage Forecast A First-Timer's Guide to Shimokitazawa. What will you uncover?

Shopping in Japan can be a real treat. Being a big metropolis, Tokyo comes with plenty of options for a fun day out. My personal recommendation is to skip the big chain department stores. Instead, why not visit a shotengai for a more traditional experience?

5 Best Cycling Routes in Japan

A shotengai is a street in Japan filled with shops and restaurants. Each one is unique, so come along with me as I show you some of the best shopping arcades in Tokyo! Togoshi Ginza. Keep an eye out for Gin-Chan , the official mascot of Togoshi Ginza.

SwingPlanIt - Worldwide Swing Dance Events

You'll see statues of him welcoming you along with merchandise everywhere. Don't be afraid to explore. There are so many little shops offering a variety of sweets and treats. I found these adorable animal donuts. They were so cute I didn't want to eat them! Just off the main road you will find Togoshi Hachiman Shrine. It is a peaceful oasis of nature where you can take a break and enjoy the tranquility. Definitely stop for a sweet treat at Tomoean , where you can see the making process of these red bean-filled sweets.

Grab some delicious meat skewers on the go at Inageya.

This MEGA Vintage/Thrift Shop in Tokyo is CRAZY!

I recommend the chicken tenderloin and bell pepper ones. Truly a unique sight. A lot of people visit the local temple to perform Arai Kannon , a ritual where you wash a statue of the goddess in the parts of the body that you wish to heal. Try shio daifuku , a traditional sweet that originated here. This pounded rice cake filled with sweet bean paste is perfectly balanced with just a dash of salt. The local shopkeepers are friendly and energetic, willing to speak slowly and chat with the clients.

Beyond its countless bars and izakayas, Ebisu is also home to a great collection of stylish watering holes, including many old-school pubs and trendy tachinomiya. For a crash course in old-school Japanese nightlife, take a peek into the raucous Ebisu Yokocho. Japanese craft beer is not yet internationally famous though many craft beer lovers are familiar with Hitachino Nest Beer. We live and breathe Japan, and want you to experience the Japan we know and love.

To keep pace, craft beer bars and pubs have exploded in number throughout Tokyo and the rest of Japan.

1. Osaka Castle - See a Historic City Fixture

One of the best is Craft Beer Market, which has friendly and helpful staff, a great selection of Japanese craft beer, and relatively reasonable prices craft beer in Japan is usually quite pricey. Craft Beer Market has locations throughout the city.

Top 10 places to shop in Tokyo

Another fun option is Yanaka Beer Hall, a cute spot in the adorably old-fashioned Yanesen area. Watch your head! First up is Golden Gai also mentioned in the Shinjuku section above , a legendary drinking quarter in Shinjuku. This ramshackle collection of narrow lanes is packed with hundreds of tiny bars, often with only enough seats to accommodate a handful of people at a time.

1. Osaka Castle - See a Historic City Fixture

The bars range wildly in theme and atmosphere, with establishments including spots like Bar Plastic Model, which has a vintage 80s theme, Bali Bar with a distinct tropical vibe, as well as the artsy Bar Kodoji, which prides itself on an amazing collection of rare Japanese photography. In the upscale Ginza district, Bar High Five prepares top-quality cocktails based on your tastes and preferences. Bar Trench and Tram in Ebisu are two more youthful yet eminently sophisticated mixology bars in Ebisu, with plenty of specialty cocktails and outstanding staff and service. Gen offers a select menu of drinks that changes with the seasons, combining rare spirits with some of the freshest ingredients from around the country.

Tokyo is blessed with a huge number of genre-specific venues, ranging from jazz and punk, to hip hop and noise, not to mention salsa and visual kei. When it comes to clubs and dancing, Tokyo puts cities like New York to shame, instead rivaling European cities for the quality of its DJs and soundsystems, and enthusiasm of its participants.