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Calla lilies—not actual lilies at all—are aroids which means they come from the arum family of plants or Araceae. It is a perennial plant, which in the right growing conditions after it dies off after summer, can grow back year after year from its root system. Calla lilies like dappled sunlight or even light shade, along with high temperatures, high humidity, lots of fertilizer, and ample water during the growing season followed by a cooler and drier dormant period during the late fall and early winter. If you have a glasshouse, or better yet, a hydroponics set-up, you can grow beautiful calla lilies.

Even if you don't, you can keep the plants going for at least one growing season. Calla lilies can be propagated from the old rhizomes by division. Outside, over time, plants will form large clumps that can be easily divided into smaller units. However, calla lilies are only viable outside in USDA zones 10 or 11 which is basically places that rarely have freezing temperatures like southern California, southern Florida, and Hawaii , so most Americans growing calla lilies will be growing pot-bound specimens.

Unfortunately, while rhizome division is still possible with indoor specimens, over time the plants will begin to lose vigor, and their flowers will never regain their original strength. So unless you are very attached to propagation, it's probably a good idea to discard expended plants and buy new ones. Repotting should be done in the mid-winter after the plant has gone into its dormant phase and rested in a cool place in its spent soil.

To repot, remove the rhizome from the old pot and place into the fresh soil smooth side down in a slightly larger pot. Begin watering immediately to encourage new growth. Grading and bunching Quality callas have long stems, are uniform in maturity and colour, and have no defects such as damage to the spathe or spadix.

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Both large and mini callas are normally bunched in groups of Mini callas are sometimes sleeved to provide additional protection. Ethylene sensitivity Calla flowers are not ethylene sensitive, although some researchers have shown positive effects of STS pre-treatment.

Calla lily

Contrary to popular belief, callas do not produce significant quantities of ethylene. Pretreatments Callas do not require any pretreatments. Packing The flowers may be packed horizontally or in upright hampers of water packs. If packed horizontally avoid direct contact with cleats, which may damage the fleshy stems. Standard callas may bend in response to gravity unless held at the proper storage temperature. Special considerations The mini-callas have fewer postharvest problems and are generally easier to handle and use because of their smaller size.

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