Bimbo 14: Nurse Feelgood (The Bimbo Series)

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He was the personification of sexuality. Charismatic, erotic and enticing, he made her quiver from within and forget all the concerns of the day. All that mattered when he touched her was that he continued to touch her, with his expert hands and his astounding talent to please. All she wanted was his body. His whole being shook with excitement as the swollen head of his desire came to a quiet pause at the entrance to her dark, divine haven.

He was still inside her, moving with the hypnotic cadence of a poem. Her breath caught in her throat at the awesome sight of him. She recognized his acute sexual instinct alerting to her desires. And that starts to show when they are continuously tested. She kinda?

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He sort of? She trusts him. He trusts her. I'm just saying. I was cringing. These two honestly should have just humped each other in the shadowy alcove beneath the stairs at the Pleasure ball and call it a day and part ways. If anything Clara and Seger's relationship is summed up perfectly in the dialogue itself which would be ironic if it wasn't so sad: He did not want to delve into her emotions.

Sometimes you’ve got to treat nostalgia like a guest that’s in danger of overstaying its welcome

He wanted only light conversation and sex. All he knew was how to be casual. Their whole relationship is purely based on lust. Oh please.

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Never mind the fact that this girl has done nothing to try and win him over through the years except stare at her feet and not say more than 3 words to him but I digress. The minute they find out that Seger is saying au revoir to debauched bachelorhood, these 2 try to get rid of Clara by any means because Seger "belongs to Gillian". Clara, you in danger girl. But when it became obvious that conniving Gillian's only purpose was to simply drive a bigger wedge between Seger and Clara with even more distrust and jealousy, I started to lose my patience.

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I cannot stand meddling party tropes, hate hate haaaaaate it. Triangles I don't mind. Hell no. Not only is it unnecessary but it makes the hero come off like an oblivious asshole. Never ever. It's just nonsensical. I love angst and discord but not this kind. Take this outdated trope OFF your storyboard and move on to the next.

When you think of the term 'man whore', this guy is the king of it. But after awhile Her quick emotional jumps is a test in patience. With all the constant wavering and emotional seesawing, her much toted "no nonsense" personality slips away quickly. And it's not, at all.

Copy, paste, repeat, copy, paste, repeat. At this point I was beyond ready to give up. And this was making me seriously angry.

But oho! Guess what happens next? This book has everything and the kitchen sink thrown in. The author tried to do too much and tried very hard to make this story as miserable and convoluted complicated as possible. If you have your characters not making any sense and contradicting themselves on the very same page then you know you've written your story into a ditch. A muddy, sticky, sloppy deep ditch with no way out. The last stunt was so unnecessary and ridiculous that I'm surprised this book didn't end up being pages since it seemed endless.

I mean, seriously. Come on. Aug 05, Aug 11, Law Man Dream Man, 3. Why do I keep doing this? I could go on and on about the absurd writing flaws. Just read my Gamble review. Same issue I had with the last one I had here, the heroine Mara acted like a confused child where everything needed to be explained to her by the hero.

Literally explained. And the hero walks all over her and talks to her like she's a simpleton, which I honestly couldn't blame in this case. Are her heroines only gifted with their brains once they meet the hero? How charming. Seriously Mara??? And repeating themselves. Because I promise you, nobody needs to know exactly how the heroine positions her body or places her elbows when she's fucking standing and talking.

In this case: [image] Now why I gave this a chance? Because of the blurb. The heroine Mara. For someone who is supposedly very shy and very insecure about themselves, please explain to me why this girl is going around rating people based on their looks?? I would love for KA to explain it because this just seriously blew my mind. Roberta had been a Seven when I met her because she was pretty, petite, with thick brunette hair and a little extra weight that she held well.

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  6. She was also happy with her family and her husband in their suburban house with two cars and vacations to Disney World. She'd slipped down to a Five Point Five when she got angry and moody and hated the world and mostly all the men in it after her husband left. Now she was back up and surpassed the Seven to be an Eight because she'd settled into her new life I didn't want to do that, especially explaining where I felt I came in on the scale. I'd learned not to share this information, because friends who cared about you always tried to talk you into believing you were so far up that scale it was unreal.

    My oldest friend, Lynette, who still lived back in Iowa, was the only person I'd told about my system. She was convinced of it and tried to convince me. I liked her too. She was a definite Eight Point Five. When she was in a good mood and her sunny disposition shone even more brightly, she soared up to a Nine Point Five, she had nothing to worry about. I literally thought it was the hero's POV with the side-eyeing and internal rating system and had to re-read it a couple of times to understand.

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    But no, this was all coming from 'sweet shy' skittery as a deer Mara. Apparently someone who is so messed up in their head about their own looks and how others view her, she thinks it's totally fine to go around giving mental scores on others appearances. And a total useless asshole. She's an insult to shy, insecure, awkward women in real life.

    The lack of intelligence she displayed in just the first 50 pages is astoundingly painful. Lola's was awesome and had absolutely fantastic food, but it was also not what the kids were used to. It wasn't fancy, but it wasn't Taco Bell, either, and it wasn't exactly inexpensive. I hadn't actually asked Mitch to accompany me, but since he did, I thought we'd pop to the nearest fast-food joint, go through a drive-thru and get the kids home. After, I would do whatever it was I was going to have to do at Bill's, then get home and away from Mitch.

    Take the kids back to a housebroken home after feeding them the same junk food they always eat at home if they are lucky. G-d forbid the idea of a good decent restaurant should have ever entered your skull without macho Mitch around. And hey asshole: How is dumping the kids back home with their neglectful father fixing the issue you just said you needed to step in and fix? It was against the laws of the universe.

    How did this happen? He's a creep.