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What do you mean, a spot? Chest ; 3 — Reduced lung-cancer mortality with low-dose computed tomographic screening. N Engl J Med ; 5 — Lung cancer associated with cystic airspaces. Lancet Oncol ;15 12 — Probability of cancer in pulmonary nodules detected on first screening CT. N Engl J Med ; 10 — Grading strength of recommendations and quality of evidence in clinical guidelines: report from an American College of Chest Physicians task force.

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Subcentimeter lung nodules stable for 2 years at LDCT: long-term follow-up using volumetry. Respirology ;19 6 — Evaluation of patients with pulmonary nodules: when is it lung cancer? ACCP evidence-based clinical practice guidelines 2nd edition. Chest ; 3 Suppl S—S. Assessing probability of malignancy in solid solitary pulmonary nodules with a new Bayesian calculator: improving diagnostic accuracy by means of expanded and updated features.

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Google Scholar Solitary pure ground-glass nodules 5 mm or smaller: frequency of growth. Radiology ; 3 — Aoki T.

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Growth of pure ground-glass lung nodule detected at computed tomography. J Thorac Dis ;7 9 :E—E How long should small lung lesions of ground-glass opacity be followed? J Thorac Oncol ;8 3 — Chest ; 4 — CT screening for lung cancer: nonsolid nodules in baseline and annual repeat rounds. Persistent pure ground-glass nodules larger than 5 mm: differentiation of invasive pulmonary adenocarcinomas from preinvasive lesions or minimally invasive adenocarcinomas using texture analysis.

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Invest Radiol ;50 11 — Pure ground-glass opacity neoplastic lung nodules: histopathology, imaging, and management. Invasive pulmonary adenocarcinomas versus preinvasive lesions appearing as ground-glass nodules: differentiation by using CT features. Longitudinal evolution of incidentally detected solitary pure ground-glass nodules on CT: relation to clinical metrics.

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Diagn Interv Radiol ;21 5 — CT characteristics and pathological implications of early stage T1N0M0 lung adenocarcinoma with pure ground-glass opacity. Eur Radiol ;25 9 — Cancer Imaging ;14 1 Transient subsolid nodules in patients with extrapulmonary malignancies: their frequency and differential features.

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Eur J Radiol ;84 4 — Transient part-solid nodules detected at screening thin-section CT for lung cancer: comparison with persistent part-solid nodules. Persistent pulmonary nodular ground-glass opacity at thin-section CT: histopathologic comparisons. Initial findings and progression of lung adenocarcinoma on serial computed tomography scans. J Comput Assist Tomogr ;33 1 — Radiologic classification of small adenocarcinoma of the lung: radiologic-pathologic correlation and its prognostic impact.

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Solid predominant histologic subtype in resected stage I lung adenocarcinoma is an independent predictor of early, extrathoracic, multisite recurrence and of poor postrecurrence survival. J Clin Oncol ;33 26 — J Thorac Oncol ;6 2 — J Thorac Oncol ;11 8 — Observer variability for classification of pulmonary nodules on low-dose CT images and its effect on nodule management. Comparison of three measurements on computed tomography for the prediction of less invasiveness in patients with clinical stage I non-small cell lung cancer.

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Ann Thorac Surg ;89 6 :S—S Is a smaller resection a smaller operation?