BEFORE WE GET OLD : The Good Ole Day

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The show was compered by Leonard Sachs , who introduced the acts from a desk situated at the side of the stage. In the course of its run it featured about 2, performers. Each show was up to an hour long.

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The programme proved so popular that it was decided to create a series under the title of "The Good Old Days". The show was first broadcast on 20 July and the first two shows were compered by Don Gemmell. The club was originally founded by Leonard Sachs and business partner Peter Ridgeway. Out of episodes, are believed to survive complete.

On Friday 30 December a Goodbye to the Good Old Days was shown, a documentary celebrating the end of the year run that year; Barry Cryer served as narrator for the documentary. This innate ability to connect with his guests, not to mention his ever-growing audience, is due in large part to Lawrence baring his soul when in the studio.

Before We Get Old: The Good Ole Day

That no-frills Lawrence is as equally passionate about philanthropy as music or radio. Funds raised by the singer through his annual Mission: Possible Turkey Fry and benefit concert have helped provide more than 75, meals to those in need.

I never thought it would take off like it has. Of course, Lawrence is nothing if not a never-ending creative mind. He describes keeping legions of lyrics in.

Queen - Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy (Top Of The Pops, 1977)

I enjoy that process. Full details Reviews I miss the good old days.

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When real men like Chesty Puller were our idols. Not whiny liberal, melting snowflake celebrities. It was a better time. Remember the good old days -- when everyone wasn't such a pussy -- with this printed t-shirt.

Grand Ole Opry: 90 Years Of A Nashville Institution

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Well brothers and sisters, I'm here to tell you I'm now a believer.