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Talented actors are frequently not selected for roles simply because they do not fit the vision of the character the director sees. Q2: Do I need to have experience to attend? Q3: Do I need to bring anything with me? Though entertainment resumes and head shots are encouraged, they are not required.

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Q4: Do I have to be there the whole time? May I leave quickly? Q5: Will I actually get seen by the director? A: YES! The director and some production team members will be on hand evaluating talent. Q6: If I miss one will there be others? Click here Do you believe that this item violates a copyright? Click here. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. View or edit your browsing history. Back to top. Get to Know Us. English Choose a language for shopping. Length: pages. Word Wise: Enabled. Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled. Page Flip: Enabled. I actually laughed at the punch an imp in the face reference, because that was the one line that really stood out to me in book one, and it was nice to see it boomerang back in a funny way.

Now, this series has vexed me in a number of ways. I always have to wonder why a writer makes so much work for themselves because, to me, lower numbers are easier to deal with.

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Like my pappy always says, Maths is hard. Anyways, the story does take off, and once it gets going it off like a shot. Elorion and company all manage to snag some neat abilities, for example he really increases the things he can do shapeshifting, while his gal pal literally becomes the wind. The each transform into something beyond human and become deadlier than ever.

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The story is pretty compelling and more importantly it is fun. The last battle goes on for a long time and lasts until just about every person on either side is spent. The real fun will come once they have to face their former succubus mistress, well, the survivors will. The story adds in things like dungeon building to the mix, so that not only are Elorian and Eris leveling themselves and others, but their dungeon as well.

In fact there is one complete section that deals with them doing things to further empower their dungeon, so dungeon fans will enjoy this as well. There are times when the story feels rushed, but over all it is well paced. The story definitely left me wanting more. Graham Halstead once again does an excellent job. I think he has a firm grip on the series and the characters, and I have no complaints about the job that he does here.

I find him to be superb and enjoy listening to him. A solid 8 stars. Lots of good fight scenes, but no massive character development. Elorian and Eris seem about the same as they did last book. Add in some growth and the scoe would be a lot higher. Still a very solid 8. This is not remotely the case, so if you were wondering, now you know.

Secondly, I like the whole sucked into the game via a summoning spell aspect. That was fun, and happens right away so no spoilers, but it set me up for some expectations, and I found the book slowed down right after the big entrance.

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I mean it slowed down a lot. So, Steve is not readily likable, although I must say that my son found the cats funny. Still there was no action. Scott Bennett narrates, and I have said for the longest time that I think he is one of the bestest narrators out there. He is a fave of mine. He can have real fun with the right story. Final Score? Still, there is world building that does go on and will probably make the next book run a little smoother. Narrated by: Will M.

Someone needs to chain Dave Willmarth up and make him write post apocalyptic books all day long. The point is that Shadow Sun was not what I was expecting. To be frank, I had thought that it was going to be a story about a boy and his bear wandering through a decimated landscape, sort of like Grizzly Adams meets Slash Maraud Show those pics here please. FYI Slash is a DC comics mini-series about aliens who take over the earth and slowly wipe out humanity as they convert earth via terraforming into a world not unlike their own.

It is a series that was not well loved and did not become a cult classic that was secretly beloved years later, but I LOVED it. No, what Master Willmarth has done is taken a concept of aliens taking over Earth and putting a new slant on it in which they literally steal earth.

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Earth is physically moved and given new ground rules for how life is going to be. The MC is a young fella, but he has a good head on his shoulders, and does the best he can whenever he finds himself in a bad situation. His attitude makes him become the leader of a group of refugees who have survived a giant monster attack; which sort of snowballs into bigger leadership roles later.

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I will also say that I appreciate the way that A-holes are dealt with. It may not always be quick, but you just know that the jerk is going to get it in the end. Jerk that shoot their mouths off tend to get shot in the mouth, you get the point. DW suffers no fools lightly, and under his pen they pay.

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The story is utterly engrossing and sucks you in immediately, the leveling process, the process of converting currency into Klacks alien dough works well, and gaining abilities is pretty slick. I think I only had one moment of WTF and it involved a certain train wreck, but hey, ya gotta have something to take down void terrors and the like I suppose.

They feel genuine and real. Damn, I have to say that Will Watt does an amazing job on this book. Yes, he is joined by not only Jeff hays and Annie Ellicot, but also Andrea parsnaue!!!!

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As impressed as I am I almost feel bad for poor Will, because they brought in all their big guns, plus a ringer from next door to ensure the success of this book in its audible form. Ya know wat? He handles this book like he wrote it. I was incredibly impressed with his American accents,as I do believe that the computer helper is his own natural voice. Jeff, Annie, and Andrea really do have supporting roles, here but they all go for the Oscar too. Seriously, the sound, vocal talent, and effects were completely flawless. I applaud Will on his first outing, and give Kudos to the rest of them for keeping things so real and gritty.

Well, Dave inspired me to go out and get a pet bear myself, I call him cuddles Add in my pic of the bear. Back on track, The story was not what I was expecting, and I give props to DW for emulating the Grizzly Adams rescue and then turning it on its head. Or me this is 8. An old man who is mourning the loss of his wife finally breaks down and joins one of his long time buddies in the VR world. Low and behold, the game has a time dilation that allows you to play for super long periods of time in your head, while in actuality only an hour passes in the real world.

So of course, a glitch occurs that ends up making it so that everyone in the game will exist without being able to leave for over years. Closer to , but hey. A moderator loses his mind, and decides that he likes the way Hitler, Stalin, and Mussolini ran their countries and decides that he wants to do the same thing in the game world. Vinnie and pals band together to fight the evil moderator. Do they win, fail, or continue on to the next book?

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Not ganna say, cause spoilers. Although there were a few things that sort of set me back a bit. First off one thing that I did not appreciate were the time jumps. Granted, when you have characters who are stuck in a game for hundreds of years I can understand that you want to show some passage of time, but having them level up in the off time was annoying and it sort of robbed the readers of seeing what they did to get to that point. Granted, you do get to see him finalize his project, but a huge number of years have passed.

Secondly, the simple acquisition of a new spell or skill seems to take forever.