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The disputed details of millennial schemes should not deflect us. The agreed contours of eschatology, including the certainty of final judgement, should shape our political engagement. Canon Press, , p. A more cautious approach to this theme is found in the works of Seyoon Kim and John Barclay.

Against the frequently-heard claim that 2 Pet. Grenz, The Millennial Maze: IVP, , helpfully analyses the distinctive strengths and weaknesses contributed by each millennial position. Allen Lane, , pp. How to use a word that literally drives some people nuts. The awkward case of 'his or her'. Identify the word pairs with a common ancestor. Test your vocabulary with our question quiz! Build a chain of words by adding one letter at a time.

Examples of eschatology in a Sentence Recent Examples on the Web The book of revelations — which to Christian eschatology is, well, the Bible — has been applied to virtually every historical epoch to show the end is coming. When the Hill Rivaled Harlem," 9 Mar. Behind the Swine Flu Hysteria," 22 June Its delirious eschatology foretells a final unity with the technological divine, through which the elect will make the transition from time into eternity. First Known Use of eschatology , in the meaning defined at sense 1.

The foundations are ten feet in height … The entire edifice, including the roof, is of stone, but without cement, and so closely fitting are the joints as even now to be scarcely discernible … The shape of the building is oblong, being feet in length, and in width, while the highest central pagoda rises some odd feet above the ground, and four others, at the angles of the court, are each about feet in height.

From this doorway, on either side, runs a corridor with a double row of columns, cut — base and capital — from single blocks, with a double, oval-shaped roof, covered with carving and consecutive sculptures upon the outer wall. This gallery of sculptures, which forms the exterior of the temple, consists of over half a mile of continuous pictures, cut in basso-relievo upon sandstone slabs six feet in width, and represents subjects taken from Hindu mythology, from the Ramayana — the Sanscrit epic poem of India, with its 25, verses describing the exploits of the god Rama, and the son of the King of Oudh.

The contests of the King of Ceylon, and Hanouma, the monkey-god, are graphically represented. There is no keystone used in the arch of this corridor. On the walls are sculptured the immense number of , separate figures. The Shamballa Impacts, Phillip Lindsay. The crises of these three rootraces are symbolised by the following numbers — representing branchrace, subrace and rootrace:. Paralleling these rootrace periods are the three zodiacs.

Before Individualisation there were only eight signs and at Individualisation the signs of Leo-Virgo were added, representing the birth of self-consciousness via the solar angel or soul Leo — and the lunar angels that build human forms Virgo. Later, at the beginning of the Fifth Rootrace, the two opposite signs of Aquarius and Pisces were added making 12 — because Humanity were ready to develop the consciousness associated with these signs.

There was no response to the influences of Leo and Virgo. The mystery of the Sphinx did not exist and these two signs were not then part of the zodiacal wheel. Then individualisation took place and the seed of Christhood was planted in man and these two signs began to influence humanity, and gradually that influence was recognised and the zodiac was then known to have ten signs.

Aries to Capricorn marked the circle of experience.

In Atlantean days, man had become so responsive to the planetary and solar influence that the door of initiation into hierarchical experience was opened and two more signs were added. These two signs were the higher correspondences of Leo and Virgo and were the polar opposites of these two: Their influence became active and effective and thus they formed part of the zodiacal wheel because man began to respond to their potencies.

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It then became possible for the Fixed Cross to function esoterically in the life of humanity, and the first reversals of the wheel in the life of the advanced men of the period took place. It was this reversal which was the true cause of the great contest or battle between the Lords of the Dark Face as they are called in The Secret Doctrine and the Lords of Light—a contest which is today persisting.

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Certain men then reached the stage of discipleship wherein they could consciously mount the Fixed Cross and be prepared for a major initiation. This the Forces of Materiality and of Obstruction as they are sometimes called fought and the battle was fought out and conditioned in the sign Scorpio.

The reason is that certain world disciples and initiates have reached the point in their unfoldment wherein they are ready to mount the Cardinal Cross and take some of the higher initiations. So the conflict is on between humanity under the control of the Lords of Materiality and the Hierarchy under the control of the Forces of Light and Love , and right before our eyes the battle is being waged [written WWII].

The influences of the twelve signs of the zodiac particularly of seven of the signs are being engaged, for today men of all types and rays are responsive to their influences and are implicated in some form or another in the affair. Christ and Buddha in Atlantis: The Buddha had attained this same point prior to the creation of our planetary life [on the Moon Chain], but conditions for taking the third initiation were not then available, and He and the Christ took the initiation together … They stood in the Presence of the One Initiator … This third initiation was taken in a fourth ray Ashram, the Ray of Harmony through Conflict.

Yet the deeper implication of this initiation together in the same ashram was that it represented the first fusion on Earth of the two types of Humanity: Today The Christ is poised to take over the role of the Buddha — who has almost liberated himself from this Earth sphere altogether. The souls who individualised upon the Moon Chain were always more generally advanced in intelligence because they had a much longer period to develop it. Hence their dominance both spiritually and materially upon Earth, despite the fact that the Master of all Masters and the Head of the Hierarchy of Masters, the One who holds the Office of The Christ — is of the Earth Chain.

Now at the high tide mark of the Fifth Rootrace 5.

Three Shamballa Impacts [3] Also paralleling the rootrace crises and the three zodiacs are the first three major releases of power from the planetary centre called Shamballa — all of them extremely destructive. Shamballa was established — from whence the Lord of the World or Sanat Kumara wielded his mighty sword.


This period also marked the culmination of the Individualisation process and the transformation of the hitherto hermaphrodite Humanity into two sexes. This war is regarded as a recapitulation of the Atlantean war — with the same issues at stake. Aquarius the Water-Bearer is prominent for the next year cycle, yet also for three other reasons: The Objective of this combination which has occurred six times during the period of the fifth root-race is to bring about illumination and the establishment of order upon the Earth.

Note that this combination of the Seventh Ray cycle with Aquarius is happening for the seventh time in the history of the Fifth Rootrace. Seven is a number of completion, particularly in relation to the seven rootraces, seven subraces and seven branchraces. Manu and Progenitor of the Fifth Rootrace.

This was indicated by H. Blavatsky in The Secret Doctrine, but the author of HHH has developed this further, demonstrating the key to the ages of the Manus as representing the duration of their subraces. The reader will note that the number of the previous subrace always determines the same number of the following rootrace:. Note that the bolded races above are highly significant and represent a major seeding period for the next rootrace. It is fitting that Lamech Aquarius is the father of the Fifth Rootrace. Aquarius has only the Fifth Ray of Science passing through it; the destiny of the Fifth Rootrace is the development of mind or manas, symbolised by the number five and of course the five-pointed star of Venus, ruler of the Fifth Ray.

The Apotheosis of the Fifth Rootrace: Now, several million years later, this mental development has reached its quintessential expression in the fifth branchrace of the fifth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace — 5. The fifth branchrace has a little way to go:. Bear in mind that there are several identifiable cycles of this duration — such as the greater Aquarian cycle just beginning or the Mayan cycle which finishes in Overall however, the Fifth Rootrace has around , years to diminish paralleled by the emerging Sixth Rootrace , as it completes the Kali Yuga cycle that started in BC.

The rootraces span enormous periods of time, overlapping each other for millions of years. There are seven rootraces to each round of evolution upon Earth and five have practically elapsed. This will occur through natural evolution and also by the experiments of some of the Masters: We hope during the next five hundred years to present several such groups to the One Initiator.


All who are in these groups have taken the first initiation, as have so many thousands of people in the world today. Can we imagine that if these experiments are successful and if the rest of the World Aspirants and Disciples play their part, that the balance for the Forces of Light will be tipped permanently in their favour? Aquarius is the generic ruler of the Third Degree Initiation: The man then takes the third initiation and becomes free from personality control, taking the next two initiations upon the Cardinal Cross.

Aquarius, Soul of United States of America. Currently Western evolution is unfolding the fifth branchrace of the fifth subrace of the Fifth Rootrace 5. After this, in about 25, years, they will launch into preparations for the seventh [5. Note that the 25, year time period corresponds to the greater Aquarian cycle of 25, that will lead Humanity into the Sixth Rootrace proper. The United States of America is ruled at a soul level by Aquarius [14] and hence, combined with its status as 5. A branchrace has an approximate duration of a precession cycle of 25, years: Although other nations such as the Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand are part of the 5.

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The USA separated from the mother country in order to pursue religious and political freedoms, culminating in the Declaration of Independence of Bear in mind that Uranus, ruler of Aquarius, was discovered between the American and French Revolutions in , both dealing liberating blows for the whole world, not just those nations; hence the Uranian power of freedom and the humanitarian qualities of the Aquarian Water-Bearer — who pours forth for thirsting Humanity. This period of the past couple of hundred years has also been a major part of the cuspal period between the zodiacal ages of Pisces and Aquarius.

It is said that the Sixth Rootrace will eventually inhabit Brazil. Great Britain and the United States of America play a very important role as they represent the past and present that builds for this future. Great Britain is the ultimate expression of 5. The United States of America is Europe transplanted, without too much of the old baggage.

Hence the following conditioning triangle that also depicts the soul and personality rays of those nations:.

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  • Similar authors to follow.

Note that the ray in common is the second ray of love-wisdom. Brazil is the only nation given [19] as having a second ray personality. Even though the UK and USA have a strong expression of this 5 th mental aspect, they both have their respective national souls conditioned by the Second Ray of Love-Wisdom [20] and this is evident by their recent histories — where the principles of democracy, freedom and liberation have unfolded.

An interesting fact emerges as we consider this grouping. Great Britain is the custodian of the wisdom aspect of the second ray force for the Aryan race [5. The United States fulfills the same office for the sixth or coming subrace [5. These three races embody the attractive cohesive aspect of the second ray, and will demonstrate it through wisdom and wise government, based on idealism and love.

The United States will therefore represent a fusion of races, with the Anglo-Saxon element dominating. Brazil will later represent the best of that which the Latin races have eventually to give. This presented fusion will be considered from the angle of the ray types and the basic unfolding principles, and not from the angle of culture and civilisation.

Great Britain therefore represents the aspect of mind which expresses itself in intelligent government, based eventually on just loving understanding. This, I say, is the ideal before her, but not the fulfilled achievement. The United States represents the intuitive faculty, expressing itself as illumination and the power to fuse and blend. Brazil or rather what that country will then be called, for the time of this expression lies thousands of years ahead will represent a linking interpreting civilisation, based on the unfoldment of the abstract consciousness, which is a blend of the intellect and the intuition, and which reveals the wisdom aspect of love in its beauty.

But the period of the development of this great civilisation lies too far ahead to make speculation possible. The USA is truly the bridge between the races and the eventual unfoldment of a new race in South America. But in this new era of opportunity can Humanity rise to the occasion? We live in precipitous and perilous times; the world sits somewhat upon a knife edge. Can Humanity make the right decisions that can lead it to liberation or will it miss this great opportunity?